At the gastronomic level it is very interesting to see how periodically new developments change and often improve our eating habits.

As always the inputs that come to us are many, here we summarize the 10 most interesting gastronomic trends 2020.


We have been with the trend of healthy food for so long that more than fashion, eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle has become a requirement for many.

We look for organic products, especially those of local production and always eliminate or limit the consumption of processed food and / or containing additives.

We look for organic and seasonal foods with properties that do our organism well.

Never as now we have been so attentive to labels, it is not a case the explosion of fashion applications like Yuka that allow us to analyze all the ingredients of each product. We are much more aware of what is bad and what is good and this leads us to a type of food that seeks to make the most of the beneficial properties of food.

That’s why we look for healthy foods that give us good nutrients. Every year we rediscover some “new-old” food for its properties. 2019 has been the year of nootropic foods, food that stimulates the brain, 2020 will be the year of foods that work as antiaging thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.

Antiaging Food: 2020 is the year of antioxidant foods.

Among the foods that stand out for their antioxidant properties are very common references of the Mediterranean diet such as: broccoli, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, grapes, garlic and black garlic, dark chocolate (minimum 80% and without added sugars), legumes, cinnamon and red fruits.

A novelty that we have already begun to hear are aronia berries that boast an antioxidant content higher than that of blueberries.


2020 will be the year of Asian cuisine. With the Japan Olympics on the agenda we could expect it, but the interesting thing is that in addition to Japanese food all Asian cuisine in general will be a trend.

Filipino cuisine, until now a great unknown, will be the one that will star in this trend. Among the trendiest dishes we will have Japanese curries, Chinese bread, Taiwanese cheese tea and rice noodle rolls, but above all we will discover Filipino cuisine.

Filipino cuisine due to its particular history represents a mix between Malaysian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish cuisine.

Among its most emblematic dishes we find fermented foods (cabbage, kimchi, fish, …) and great stars of the current gastronomic trends. Typical of this cuisine are marinated meat, fried noodles, stews, rolls and other emblematic dishes of Filipino cuisine.

We note that it is a cuisine that gives great importance to condiments, in fact the idea at the base of Filipino cuisine is that everyone can create their own dish to taste thanks to their sauce such as soy sauce), ketchup Banana or fish sauce.


Yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, tempeh, natto, miso, … fermented foods will continue to be on the podium of gastronomic trends also in 2020.

They do well to the intestine, have antioxidant properties and are the healthiest.

First it was the probiotic yogurts, then the kimchi and the sauerkraut and now it is the turn of the kefir and the kombucha. The truth is that currently the fermented are living or


From the hemp plant we get seeds and oils rich in essential fatty acids, mineral proteins, antioxidants and fiber. Until now we probably knew hemp because it is the cannabis plant, in fact industrial hemp has many more useful applications. At the food level, we work mainly with the seeds (with very low or no THC content) and it provides us with a valuable substitute for milk, drinks, infusions, teas and many more things that we will surely see filling the shelves of the bio supermarket.


It’s a fact, every time we have less time to sit an hour to eat. The great demand for snacks, pitas, burgers, dumplings and all kinds of fast food easy to take away is the direct result of these frenetic rhythms of the day.

The interesting part is that as we have said we like to take care of ourselves and eat well so fast food that is fashionable and we see that there is always more offer on the street is a type of gourmet fast food with top quality ingredients. 6. ALTERNATIVE MEAT, NEW VEGETABLES and VEGAN CHEESE

His year was 2019, but we must admit that the Jackfruit has not been seen as much as expected. It still seems that restaurants have a hard time integrating in their menus this vegan substitute for meat so rich in iron, calcium and B vitamins. Will 2020 be your year? It seems so, although we will have to wait to confirm it.

What is true is that we are always reducing meat consumption and therefore, in addition to looking for vegan alternatives such as jackfruit, we are constantly looking for new types of vegetables to provide variety to our diet.

In 2020 most restaurants will have in their menu a completely vegetarian menu and cassava, sweet potato, Mexican turnip and seaweed will be some of the star ingredients.

Vegetable proteins are all the rage: the consumption of meat and vegan cheese rises.

In addition to meat, the change from animal to vegetable proteins will also begin to touch the world of cheese.

Vegan cheeses without lactose or casein are already a reality. They are not of animal origin, they are less caloric than a conventional cheese but very rich in nutrients and with a texture and flavor very similar to a traditional cheese.

  1. SUSTAINABILITY: ugly foods – Zero Waste and Plastic

Sustainability will be one of the main gastronomic trends 2020.

On the one hand we will continue to live the explosion of the so-called ugly foods, foods that until now by their appearance did not reach the shop windows and that has now become the most sought after. They are naturally imperfect and that is a guarantee of authenticity.

On the other, the “zero waste” philosophy of taking advantage of all the food is added to the “ugly food” fashion and pushes the growth of a new way of eating much more responsible in which the optimization of the ingredients it’s everything. We have also seen how companies have based their business on using wasted fruits and vegetables offering an appetizing product not only for what it is, but above all for what it represents. Example of cold pressed Flip Food juices that rescue imperfect fruits and vegetables.

Finally, 2020 will be the year in which we will become serious with the zero plastic objective. We should all be aware of how important it is to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic. Many markets and supermarkets are putting the batteries with that but it is we consumers who have to demand and choose the most sustainable alternatives to preserve our planet.


Food trends move towards wellness and healthy and healthy food and drinks and cocktails are also included in this trend.

For many years the gin tonic was first in fashion and then the creative cocktail bar. Now these cocktails are still in fashion but the novelty is that they are alcohol free. The restaurants are looking for creative and surprising proposals to combine their dishes, for example the alcohol-free pairing of the experiential menu of the Ovnew of Barcelona.

In this alcohol-free trend, we will notice the influence of fermented foods, healthy foods and antioxidants in particular.


In addition to hemp and soy and almond, which are already very popular, oat milk will be consolidated as one of the best substitutes for animal milk.

The goal is always the same: reduce the environmental impact and look for vegetable drinks that provide a rich nutrient content.


Among so many novelties, a gastro trend that confirms that many times we need to go crazy looking for something original but simply do well what is known. There is a great desire to recover the flavors of traditional traditional dishes, flavors that we forgot for a while and that in recent years we have always been recovering more.


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