The cheeses and wines of the Canary Islands have their own Designation of Origin.

And all the islands have at least one of these distinctions. This quality hallmark has earned its cheeses a number of important prizes in competitions like the World Cheese Awards, and its wines have been awarded high scores in the well-known Peñín and Parker guides, which every year select the world’s best wines.

This international prestige goes back a long time – as noted by even William Shakespeare and mentioned in some of his writings.

This is why on any of the islands you visit you’ll always have the option of enjoying flavours with guaranteed quality.

The island of Lanzarote has dry volcanic soils which give its products a distinctive character, and particularly its wines and cheeses.

To see for yourself you only need to visit La Geria, an agricultural area whose layout and beauty make it unique in the world. Here the vines spring from cones of volcanic rock, creating attractive contrasts of colours while endowing each of its wines with a wide variety of subtle notes.

The same is true of its cheeses, which are made from milk from local goats. The aridity and the special characteristics of the grazing mean the cattle produce milk with an intense taste and exceptional quality for making both fresh and cured cheeses.


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