Every weekend, at Sol Famara Restaurant, we prepare for you, with all our care, a selection of dishes for you to enjoy with family, friends, with a book … but always by the sea 😉

Here are our suggestions for this weekend. Come on, join with us !!

  • Bluefin tuna salad
  • Piquillo peppers stuffed with fish and seafood
  • Tuna tartare
  • Steamed mussels
  • Chipped Clams
  • Grilled razor
  • Sauteed cockles
  • Prawns from La Santa on sea salt
  • Limpet with garlic, parsley and cilantro
  • Fried moray
  • Scalded Gofio
  • Rice with crabs
  • Fresh fish of the day (consult the maitre)


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