Frozen foods are a great ally in the kitchen, provided certain protocols are followed. Do you know which ones they are?

Thanks to the fact that we can freeze and thaw food, we have them at the time we want, at any time of the year and we are able to better organize both the shopping list and the menu planning. They are a great option that favor healthy food: if what is frozen is healthy, it still is when it is thawed. But to make good use of these foods it is necessary to know how to freeze and thaw each product correctly.

Order and control

Each of us tolerates cold differently, how can food not do it if each one is different? Let’s not treat everyone the same!

To freeze the products well, the first thing to know is what material you work with. How many stars does the freezer have? This information is crucial. 3. 4? Perfect. You will have seen that you have it more or less at -18ºC. That is the right temperature. Do not overload it and keep it tidy, so it will prevent products from accumulating on the bottom that can be damaged. All foods must be covered or covered so that they do not “burn.” It is recommended that you put a label to identify the food, then it is not easy to distinguish it!

Watch out with the cold chain

Now you have everything ready. Do not break the cold chain when you buy it at the supermarket. Take the frozen at the end of the purchase. Try not to take the products that are in the front line in the bunkers, both open and close may have lost cold (they will look bad, yes. But it is that you already know why it is and they do not). Use an isothermal bag and go straight to the freezer. Do not stay around drinking something, which the product endures, but has no infinite patience.

Packaging is important. Take some time to select the quantity of products to be stored. You can make packages according to the rations, so you will not cook too much, you will not throw food and save money (and if you can, do it without hunger to avoid putting more ration than necessary). If you pack it flat, it will have more room in the freezer and will take less time to defrost. A few minutes of planning means more money than you think. Don’t freeze crazy in the tray it comes in!

Flat: as in the photo, but stretched, do not make round packages.

Kill the anisakis

With fish, freezing is not an option: it is a necessity. You should freeze the fish to avoid anisakiasis (anisakis infection). You see, you hear that 24–48 hours is enough, but that’s in the case of powerful freezers. If you have yours to the limit (like mine), do not leave less than 4 days. This will confirm that the happy little worm and its larvae are dead. You can use frozen fish as an alternative (watch the glaze). Still, cook the product at sufficient temperature. Unless you have an allergy to anisakis, it doesn’t matter if you eat it … dead.

How long does a frozen?

Not all products last frozen at the same time, keep that in mind when storing. Put on the ones that last less and those that you will consume before. The deep-frozen products that come already in their packaging, have their own Preferred Consumption Date.

It is hard, changing habits, do not believe that this is done in two days. Don’t despair Run out of food and do it right now. Now that you have everything organized and selected we have to know how we are going to defrost all this. Because if freezing is key, defrosting is more.

Defrost correctly

Try to avoid staying like this, that means that the product has lost cold at some point.
Here the good treatment of food (which also) does not intervene but its food security. Improper defrosting may involve an increase in the microbial load and a food infection. Remember that the conservation methods only keep the “bugs” at bay, quiet, but as soon as they have occasion, ZAS!

That is why you never, but you should never freeze a food after thawing. The alternative to this could be to cook it well and freeze it again already cooked. Always ensuring to reach the correct temperature inside the product.
First check that it is necessary to defrost the product before cooking it, for example with vegetables it is not necessary and with certain processed products either, nothing that comes battered, croquettes …

4 methods to defrost safely

  • In the microwave: it is a very fast and safe way to do it but runs the risk of cooking the edges of the food. So that it doesn’t happen, stop the microwave every so often and try to put on the outside what was inside. If you lose water in the process, drain it and continue defrosting.
  • Cook from frozen: I have already told you that with certain products you should not defrost them so that the regeneration is correct. Although with others, such as minced meat or certain fish you can cook it directly. The temperature of the fire should be medium so that it does not burn the outside and the inside is not cooked yet and should give it enough turns.
  • In the fridge: this takes more time and forecast, depending on the product it may take about 24 hours to defrost. As a positive part, if that day does not want to do so, it can last until the next day. It also has its risk: be very careful with the liquid that releases the product: not only can the food itself be contaminated but also everything around it. The safest is a grid and under the plate where the water falls. Special care is needed with cross contamination between foods, it goes without saying that there are even more allergies in the family. Since not everyone has these grids, if you are not going to use the product the next day it is better that you use the other methods.For products such as fish, as long as it is consumed at the time, it is the most recommended method.
  • In cold water: this method is faster than the refrigerator but requires attention and an important detail: the product must be packed and tightly closed. You should not perform this practice if the product is not properly closed, you may lose properties. Water should be cold, never hot. It is necessary to change the water every half an hour or so. Another safe alternative (although less sustainable, do not waste water) is to do it under the open tap. Do not forget that the container must be tightly closed.

Take care of the product and take care of yourself. Use freezing, in these times that are running it is necessary not to fall into “whatever it is and that’s it”. He has it on hand and knows how to do it.

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