Just as we have allegorical dates to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, every July 26 tribute is paid to the grandparents, since according to the Catholic calendar, this is the date on which the onomastics of San Joachim and Santa Anne is celebrated, parents of the Mary and grandparents of Jesus Christ.

As you can see, Grandparents´ Day is a date of Christian origin and in many countries something goes unnoticed. Moreover, as a curious fact we can say that not all regions of the world celebrate this holiday on that date. For example; In Poland tribute is paid to grandmothers every January 21 and to grandparents the next day. In France, Grandparents Day is the first Sunday of March, while in Mexico it is August 28.

However, digital culture is beginning to standardize July 26 as the official date of Grandparents´ Day. All thanks to the famous Google Doodle and the hashtag #DiadelosAbuelos (#grandparentsday), that becomes a trend on Twitter every year on this day.

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