It is something that everyone likes: ice cream. There are a thousand flavors, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, cream, but the one that stands out above all is the chocolate ice cream, which has, curiously, its own day in the calendar.

We tell you a little about it story:

Ice cream became popular after the invention of the first automatic refrigerator in 1846. The idea was that of an American named Nancy Johnson.

Did you know?

• An ice cream or milk cream provides protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and vitamins A, B2, and B6.
• It is a much healthier food than you think.
• A serving of ice cream milk or yogurt gives us 15% of the amount of calcium recommended daily.
• Ice cream contains tryptophan, which helps increase the levels of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.
• There are also light and for vegans.

Have you tried to prepare it at home? It’s simple. Here is a quick recipe:


• 200 ml. of liquid cream to beat, very cold.
• Half a glass of condensed milk.
• 2 tablespoons and a half of cocoa powder.
• Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.


• Put milk, cocoa and vanilla essence in a large bowl and mix everything.
• In another bowl beat the cream, until it has the consistency of cream.
• Slowly add the previous mixture, stirring with a spatula, with gentle movements so that it does not lose the cream texture.
• Put it in a mold and chill it for at least 6 hours. Take it out a few minutes before eating it.

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